Fotoxplore Morocco has now 4 socially, culturally and photographically rich and exceptionally well thought circuits for the adventurous and passionate photographers who want to take their photography beyond the cliché folkloric and touristic snapshots… Our circuits are color coded in Amazigh names: Awragh=Yellow, Azougagh=Red, Azegza=Blue, Fazaz=Mountain. Amazigh is the native Moroccan civilisation.

  • Awragh, 10 days & 10 nights.
  • Azoughagh, 7 days & 7 nights.
  • Azegza, 5 days & 5 nights.
  • Fazaz, 4 days & 4 nights.

I, Mohammed Kamal, aka MK will happily share with you my 20 years of hands on experience as a professional photographer in many facades of photography. My native knowledge of the Amazigh Moroccan culture, and the 16-year life journey in UK, Europe and the USA are what makes Fotoxplore Morocco’s expeditions a unique and unrivalled photographic experience in Morocco…